Digital Photography Systems and Dye Sublimation Printers (onwards, the Units)

Valid solely within European Union (for other countries, please contact your local agent)

  1. Some of the terms and conditions of this Warranty may be modified by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE, B.V. (onwards, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC) with the sole purpose of reflecting law changes or changes to the conditions of some the services offered by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC (updates, services extension, etc.). In any case, such changes shall not affect the application period of this Warranty as well as its coverage neither MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC clients’ rights, being such changes not retroactive in relation with the aforementioned aspects.

    Bound by the terms and conditions of this Warranty, and specially by the deadlines stated as well as the number of copies mentioned in the clause 3 below, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, warrants to their direct clients* (onwards, the Clients) that, due to any anomaly or dysfunction resulting from a manufacturing defect in any component or assembly of the Units, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC will repair or substitute, at its own discretion, the defective element of the Unit. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC will assume the costs of the material for these substitutions or reparations, according to the present document.

    Anomalies, dysfunctions and / or any other malfunction, occurred within the terms stated in the clause 3 shall not be covered by the present warranty terms and conditions when such anomalies, dysfunctions, malfunction arise as a consequence of an incorrect manipulation, damage or any other misuse of the systems or its components by the Clients or any other third party.

  2. Warranty period starts at the date of purchase done by the Client, as is in the purchase invoice issued by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.

  3. The present Warranty does not cover the following:

    • Substitution of elements when the erosion results from a normal use of the Unit. In particular, but not limited to, thermal printing head, cutting mechanism, and mechanic elements included at the maintenance program which are covered by a specific warranty terms:

      Photo Printers (D70, D80, K60, D90, M1 series)
      24 months or 100,000 prints (whichever comes first)
      Photo Printer CPW5000DW
      24 months or 10,000 prints (whichever comes first)
      Photographic systems
      24 months
      Industrial Printers
      24 months
    • The accessories, including, but not limited to, mouse, keyboard, card reader, paper holder and ink tray are not covered anyway by this Warranty.

    • Third party products, such as scanners or standard PC, may have different warranty conditions, depending on the country. Please, consult the manufacturer’s website for more information

    • Transportation costs due to the reparation of the unit, and the eventual damages occurred during the transit as well.

    • The damages produced by any change or alteration, due to the work at extreme conditions or anomalous temperature and humidity conditions (except the range stablished at the user manual).

    • Improper use of the unit; fault when following the manufacturer instructions; misuse or negligence at the maintenance and/or conservation of the Units.

    • Handling or defective reparation by a person non-authorized by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.

    • Damage in decorative elements (except a manufacturing fault).

    • Damage produced by factors that MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC cannot control, such as, variation in supply voltage, storms or other natural forces (e.g. floods, fires, animals, etc.).

    • Damage resulting from a poor installation or a faulty starting up of the unit by agents non-authorized by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.

    • Any other faults or defects whenever the cause required at first clause is not duly proved by the owner of the Unit.

  4. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC will not be responsible, in any case, of the right performance of the applications and digital functionalities integrated or used in Mitsubishi Electric products , including those which might be integrated or used in the future, as such products’ software is offered “as is” and the correct operation of some of the applications and digital functionalities partially depend on software programs or code sequences that may be subject to modifications, updates or any other changes conducted by third parties or companies (including without limitation Microsoft, Apple, Android, Google, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox or Instagram) that offer services related to the applications and / or functionalities and that do not pertain neither are controlled by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.

  5. Each and every reparation done under the present Warranty will be guaranteed until the end of the warranty period and, in any case, for three months from the date of delivery of the unit repaired (whenever it was not handled or repaired by third parties).

  6. It will be required a copy of the purchase invoice for an authorized Technical Service repairs the unit under warranty. The beneficiary of the warranty is the responsible that the unit is carried duly packed, as the product will be transported at its own risk. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC recommends to use the original pack and to insure the product for any loss or damage during the transportation until MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC technical service receives it. The benefits of the warranty will be valid solely in case that are used technical services authorized by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, of its Technical Assistance network (required official certificate). In order to know the data of the nearest authorized service you may contact your dealer or directly MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.

  7. Any additional warranty not included in this Warranty Terms shall be stablished in writing at an additional document, expressly approved by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC and the Client.

  8. Under no circumstance MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC will be responsible of the damages that the Units may cause to external elements.

  9. In principle, the product covered by this Warranty has been made for professional use. However, if the beneficiary of the present Warranty is a consumer, according to consumers and final users’ applicable legislation, such beneficiary will be granted to benefit the appropriate warranty arising from that legislation. Therefore, if any point of this Warranty is not in accordance with the relevant legislation of products for end users, it will prevail the relevant legislation.

You will find more information in the Global WEBSITE or you may contact us directly.

* This warranty is granted by Mitsubishi Electric solely to their direct clients, whom in case that they sell the bought units to consumers (e.g. retail, installer, builder, etc.) such direct clients shall offer the relevant legal warranty to their buyers. However, in case that a direct client of Mitsubishi Electric is considered consumer, the present commercial Warranty must be understood as being additional to the rights that the consumer may have according to the relevant legislation.