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Mitsubishi Electric Europe, B.V., (henceforth, “Mitsubishi Electric”) is the registered owner of Mitsubishi Electric provides all information, materials, data and electronic files of any kind (henceforth referred to as “MATERIALS”) contained in this website (henceforth, the “Site”) only for informative purposes and for the concepts of service to their clients and distributors, to help them with their commercial operations with Mitsubishi Electric. The MATERIALS are subject to the terms and conditions included in this document (henceforth, “Terms of use”). Mitsubishi Electric reserves the right to update the Terms of use at any given time without notifying YOU. It may also incorporate improvements or changes to the products and services detailed on the Site at any given time and without notification. When you access the Site and use or download MATERIALS, YOU (acting on your own behalf or for a business) accept being bound by these Terms of use. If you do not agree with them, do not download nor print the MATERIALS and stop using the Website immediately and the MATERIALS in it.


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Permitted and restricted uses

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The right to use the MATERIALS is a license and not a property transfer, and is subject to the stated restrictions in these Terms of use. YOU can download a copy of the MATERIALS on one sole computer for the useful purposes of purchase and/or the use of products stated on this Site, as long as all copyright notifications and other property rights are preserved intact. You can also print a paper copy of the MATERIALS. Unless it is otherwise explicitly stated in these Terms of use or unless you receive explicit written permission by Mitsubishi Electric, YOU cannot: a) modify the MATERIALS nor use them for business purposes; b) assign, transfer or contract any right stated within these Terms of use; c) offer the MATERIALS for sale or rental; d) disassemble, decode, carry out reverse engineering or dismantle software included in the MATERIALS; e) delete copyright or trademark notifications or other property references of the MATERIALS; f) take action which interferes with the intellectual property rights of Mitsubishi Electric or its associated businesses, or g) copy, exhibit, transfer, contract, reproduce, publish, download, upload, insert, transmit, distribute or sell the MATERIALS as a whole or in parts. Unless otherwise explicitly stated in these Terms of use, no other right, explicit or implicit, shall be granted.


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MATERIALS property and modifications

YOU recognise that the registered ownership and all intellectual property rights relating to the MATERIALS, as well as its copies, are and will continue to be property of Mitsubishi Electric or its subsidiaries and associate companies unless otherwise specified. The MATERIALS may occasionally change, improve or update at any given time without notification. Contact Mitsubishi Electric to obtain more recent information regarding the products, technical details and other details about the Site’s MATERIALS.

Product information

Products are subject to availability. Please contact us when you have to use a product detailed in the MATERIALS in a particularly special way due to its nature or use.

Worldwide availability

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation may publish information on the Site which contains references to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation products, programs or services which are announced or available in your country. These references do not imply or indicate that Mitsubishi Electric Corporation wants to advertise these products, programs or services in your country. Consult your local Mitsubishi Electric Corporation distributor to obtain information relating to products, programs or services which may be available in your region.



  • B. Limitations to liability. This Site’s MATERIALS may contain typographical inaccuracies or errors. Mitsubishi Electric does not guarantee the accuracy of the materials, nor that it is complete, nor the reliability of the recommendations, opinions, declarations or other information displayed or distributed on this Site. The risk implied in following these recommendations, opinions, declarations or other information is the user’s responsibility. Mitsubishi Electric, its subsidiaries and associate companies do not assume any responsibility for damages, expenses or other losses incurred from the use of the MATERIALS, from possible claims for infringement of third party rights or from the violation of a trade secret which arises as a result of the use of the MATERIALS. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC OR ITS SUBSIDIARIES OR ASSOCIATE COMPANIES BE HELD RESPONSIBLE BY ANY ONE PERSON OR ENTITY FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, AMONG OTHERS, DAMAGES INCURRED FROM LOSS OF USE, LOSS OF PROFIT, LOSS OF INFORMATION, LOSS OR INACCURACY OF INFORMATION, LOSS OF BENEFITS, LOSS OF SAVINGS, COST OF ACQUISITION OF PROPERTY, REPLACEMENT SERVICES OR TECHNOLOGY, OR FOR ANY OTHER SITUATION BEYOND REASONABLE CONTROL), INCURRED FROM OR RELATED TO USING OR THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF USING THE MATERIALS, BE IT IN AN ACTION FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER MALICIOUS ACTS, EVEN IF MITSUBISHI OR ONE OF ITS SUBSIDIARIES OR ASSOCIATE COMPANIES ARE EXPLICITLY INFORMED ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY THAT THESE DAMAGES MAY HAVE OCCURRED.

Third party information

The MATERIALS may contain information provided by third parties and/or links to websites managed by third parties. If YOU use third party sites, you will leave this Site and the responsibility and risk will be yours. Mitsubishi Electric does not manage nor control any aspect of third party websites or information, it does not offer any guarantee nor declaration regarding them, and does not verify these linked websites or information, or the information which appears on them. The linked websites or information should not be interpreted as verified or sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric, or that Mitsubishi Electric is a subsidiary or associate company of them, nor that it is legally authorised to use the trademark, trading name, logo or copyright symbol shown on these third party websites. All other trademarks and product names stated or included in the MATERIALS are registered trademarks or service trademarks of their respective owners.

Information provided by you

Mitsubishi Electric does not wish for YOU to send, and YOU should not send, any kind of confidential or protected information to Mitsubishi Electric via the Site. YOU accept that the information or the stock which you send Mitsubishi Electric, directly or indirectly via the Site will not be considered confidential or protected. In providing information and/or materials to Mitsubishi Electric via the Site, YOU grant Mitsubishi Electric an irrevocable unrestricted license with a free and global reach to use, reproduce, exhibit, transfer and distribute this information and materials. YOU also accept that Mitsubishi Electric could use the ideas, concepts and technical knowledge that either YOU or anybody under your name might provide to Mitsubishi Electric. YOU also guarantee and declare to Mitsubishi Electric that the information or the materials which you submit to Mitsubishi Electric will not include information or materials which contain defamations, threats, comments which are obscene, harassing or in any way illegal, nor third party confidential material. YOU recognise that the content which you deliver is your responsibility and not that of Mitsubishi Electric. YOU are fully responsible for the content, and its legality, reliability, suitability, originality and copyright.

In case of any personal details transferred via the Site, YOU recognise and accept Mitsubishi Electric’s Privacy Policy.

Jurisdiction and remit

This Site is property of and managed by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation offices, which are based in Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan. This site must abide by and act in accordance with the laws in Japan, in relation to the issues concerning copyright, registered trademark and patent rights. This site will not abide by the United Nations Convention concerning contracts relating to international trade of goods, the application of which is explicitly excluded. Likewise, you accept that any legal action that arises as a result of the use or failure to use the MATERIALS on this Site will be presented in the Tokyo District Tribunal, Tokyo prefecture, Japan. By using this Site, you irrevocably accept to abide by the jurisdiction of these tribunals for any disputes which may arise or are related to the use of the MATERIALS.


Mitsubishi Electric reserves the right to change and edit these Terms of use. Please check these Terms of use periodically to be up to date with any changes or modifications. The continued use of this Site after publishing modifications of these Terms of use constitutes an acceptance of the changes. Mitsubishi Electric may terminate, change, suspend or interrupt any aspect of the Site, its availability or characteristics at any given time. Mitsubishi Electric may also impose restrictions on characteristics and services, and may limit access to the Site without prior notification nor any responsibility.

Legislation in terms of export control

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is not responsible for whether the stock of this Site is appropriate or available for use in your location. It is prohibited to access the MATERIALS in territories where its content is illegal. You accept that, by visiting this Site, you do it of your own accord and you are responsible for complying with the applicable local laws. The products and technology offered in the MATERIALS are subject to the export laws and regulations in Japan and other countries. Any deviation or re-export contrary to the laws and non-compliance with the applicable export control laws and regulations are prohibited.

No agency nor company

YOU recognise and accept that there is no association, company, employment or agency relationship between YOU and Mitsubishi Electric or its subsidiaries and associate companies as a result of access to the MATERIALS or their use. You also recognise that you have no authority neither to associate Mitsubishi Electric nor its subsidiaries or associate companies, and you do not represent nor declare that you have authority or that you are a representative, agent or employee of Mitsubishi Electric nor of its subsidiaries and associate companies. Under no circumstance will Mitsubishi Electric or its subsidiaries or associate companies be held responsible for any declaration, act or omission made by YOU.


Mitsubishi Electric may terminate your right to use the MATERIALS at any given time for any reason without incurring any responsibility to YOU. Your right to use the MATERIALS will also end immediately if YOU do not comply with any of the sections of these Terms of use. At the time of termination, YOU must immediately stop using the MATERIALS and destroy all versions and copies of them which you hold.


If any provision or part of a provision of these Terms of use is considered null or void for any reason, this nullity will not affect the validity of the rest of the provision or the other provisions of these Terms of use, which will remain fully valid and applicable.

Full agreement

These Terms of use constitute the full agreement between YOU and Mitsubishi Electric in relation to this Site, and replace all previous or simultaneous communications and proposals by any other means between YOU and Mitsubishi Electric.


Mitsubishi Electric and its associate companies reserve all rights which are not explicitly granted in these Terms of use.