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CLICK is the professional photography system highly recommended for Photo retailers, Professional studios or Social/Event photography, offering a variety of features like fast workflow, management of multiple printing equipment, editing features and more…! 

Manage multiple printing equipment at the same time. CLICK is compatible with the following Mitsubishi Electric printers: CP-D90DW and CP90DW-P, CP-D80DW, CP-D80DW-S, CP-D70DW, CP-D70DW-S, CP-D707DW, CP-D707DW-S, CP-K60DW, CP-W5000DW, CP3800DW. Including printers from the 9000 red (-S) series.


Wide variety of sources
Get photos from a wide variety of sources:
USB (Pendrive).
Multimedia Cards.
Jobs Directory shared in network.
Smartphone, via Wi-Fi.
Smartphone, via USB cable compatible with Android and iPhone devices (Optional).
Social Networks: Facebook.
Hotfolder (Shared folder, direct printing).
PhotoPrintMe (Online catalogue to create products from anywhere), the only one like it on the market.
Top Software features for the highest productivity
Dispatcher. Management module for print orders.
Hotfolder. Print from network folder.
Sequential Edition Module (S.E.M.).
Many photo products available
Direct Prints, Copies, Albums and Calendars (also dual side print products!), Greeting Cards, but also: collage, bookmarks, Instagram and many more.
PhotoPrintMe is an online catalogue that allows users to access a variety of products and formats. CLICK System comes with 1 Year Subscription included for PhotoPrintMe Service. Learn more
Photo ID
CLICK includes a complete Photo ID Printing solution which increases your photo business possibilities.
Streamlined, complete and intuitive Passport Photo service. Multiple templates to choose from. Quick to use, with easy settings. All the information on a single screen. Large buttons, easy editing.   Automatic face detection (alignment).
Hotfolder or shared folder is a powerful  tool that provides multiple features. It acts as a network folder to print locally:
Connect your external MAC or PC so that your jobs print directly. It allows you to easily manage events.
Each folder is configured for a single format and specific attributes.
Up to 16 shared network folders. Allows you to print the images you receive by automatically adding text or masks.
Sequential Edition Module (S.E.M.)
Allows you to edit all the photos from the same job sequentially, in addition to applying editing parameters to groups of photos.
Discover the accessories you can add to your CLICK System unit to enhance your business potentials: a multiple (USB-C ready) mobile device cable, an External Reader Professional USB Cardreader, a USB Hub External 7 ports, Ticket Printer…


Processor and computer
Intel i5 Processor, HDD 500Gb, 4GB RAM
Operating system
Windows 10 Pro 64bits
Multi-touch 10p 19.5" 1920x1080
Dimensions W/D/H
48.26 / 5.8 / 32.87cm
4.1 kg
Power consumption
100-240v with external adapter 19.5v (included)
Compatible Photo Printers
CP-D90DW and CP90DW-P, CP-D80DW, CP-D80DW-S, CP-D70DW, CP-D70DW-S, CP-D707DW, CP-D707DW-S, CP-K60DW, CP-W5000DW, CP3800DW. Including printers from the 9000 red (-S) series.


Accessories. 3in1 smartphone cable

3in1 smartphone cable

Accessories. External Reader USB 3.0 Atech Mk-S3

External Reader USB 3.0 Atech Mk-S3

Accessories. USB Hub External 7 ports

USB Hub External 7 ports

Accessories. Ticket Printer

Ticket Printer


Press material
HD Images