Double sided printer & photo book service in minutes

Mitsubishi Electric’s rich technological strengths and hardware expertise reaches another level, delivering a fully featured compact double-sided printer, 8” duplex printer. Multiple print sizes with just one Media reference.

A printing workhorse on a desktop which allows you to offer new added value and profitable services to your business as double sided photo books, calendars (wall and desktop), greetings cards and any product which needs to be printed by both print sides, thanks to the multiple printing formats. It comes with Mitsubishi Electric’s one-of-a-kind paper path switching method, never before seen in a small-size duplex machine.


Double side
The double and single sided prints in a same printer device. Double side printing has a lot of possibilities for you to create many different printed products, with a great photo printing quality. And single side allows you the convenience of a unique printer that has it all.
Power saving feature
Mitsubishi Photo printers are designed to reduce power consumption in sleep mode by up to 96% vs precedent printer generations. Standby power refers to the electric power consumed by electronic appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. Saves energy in sleep mode, reducing power consumption less than 1 watt.
Larger paper capacity
With a big roll capacity allows to print up to 250 prints 20x30cm (8x12").
High Speed Printing
The CP-W5000DW delivers up to 300 prints 20x25cm (8x 10'') double-sided, with a 20x25cms (8×10″) double side printed in 75.4 seconds (83.9 seconds in 20x30cm - 8×12″)
Compact design
With a reduced footprint 0,18m2, and a weight of 29kgs, the CP-W5000DW is engineered to produce the most brilliant photo prints quickly, reliably and economically. Also its user-friendly front panel allows you to easily check the status of the printer, remaining media, user notifications, etc.
While being compact, the CP-W5000DW offers speed, large paper capacity and multiple print sizes. It comes with Mitsubishi Electric's one-of-a-kind paper path switching method, never before seen in a small-size duplex machine.
Multiformat printing and cutting
One media for all sizes. The CP-W5000DW is a powerful printing unit itself. Set vertical and horizontal cutters to 10 different positions producing 13 different print sizes. Through designed for desktop use and compact, the CP-W5000DW can print up to 250 (dual sided) 8x12 sheets from a single roll of paper. This saves operating time and effort and improves productivity.
8 x 12'' (203 x 305 mm)
8 x 11.7'' (203 x 297 mm)
8 x 11'' (203 x 279 mm)
8 x 10'' (203 x 254 mm)
8 x 8'' (203 x 203 mm)
8 x 6'' (203 x 152 mm)
8 x 4'' (203 x 102 mm)
7 x 5'' (178 x 127 mm)
6.8 x 9.6'' (172 x 244 mm)
6.8 x 4.8'' (172 x 122 mm)
6 x 12'' (152 x 305 mm)
6 x 6'' (152 x 152 mm)
6 x 4'' (152 x 102 mm)


System compatibility
Windows / Mac
Printing method
Dye sublimation thermal transfer full color. Three-color face progressive printing (yellow, magenta, cyan) plus surface lamination
Print options
Dual-sided printing
Print formats
Up to 20x30cm (8x12'')
Memory capacity
Photo finishing
Matte / Glossy
Print capacity
Up to 300 prints 20x25cm (8x 10'') double-sided
Print speed (4x6")
20x25cms (8×10″) dual side printed in 75.4 seconds (83.9 seconds in 20x30cm - 8×12″)
300 dpi
29kg (64.0lb.)
Dimensions W/D/H
342 / 795 / 402 mm
Foot print
0.18 square meters (excluding paper tray)
Power consumption
2.4A (220-240VAC, 50/60Hz.) / 5.5A (120VAC, 50/60Hz.)

Media references

Print size (cm)
Prints per roll
Rolls per box
Compatible Photo Printers
EAN Code
CK5000 (Paper)
Print size (cm): 20x30
Prints per roll: 250
Rolls per box: 1
Compatible Photo Printers: CP-W5000DW
EAN Code: EAN 4902901750724
PK5812 (Ink Ribbon)
Print size (cm): 20x30 (single side) / 20x30 (double sided)
Prints per roll: 250 / 125
Rolls per box: 1
Compatible Photo Printers: CP-W5000DW
EAN Code: EAN 4902901750717


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