Save your best moments!

The EasyGifts EBOX product is nice solution that allows to enjoy photo prints in a much different manner.

EBOX is a Gift box for 10x15 prints size. It allows to enjoy the photo prints in a very different way, and brings to the photo professionals.

A very colorful and nice collection with assorted colors and artworks to offer a differentiated but effective photo product.

Packed and folded in a very reduced size, it gets easily assembled in seconds and get closed with a magnet action cover:

  • Personalise your EBOX with a photo print 10x15cm (4x6") on the cover.
  • Enjoy photo prints in the traditional way. Touch, share, watch and keep them safely.
  • Stack your favourite EBOX design or use it as desktop frame.
  • You can use EBOX also for not just photo prints inside: small collectable items, favourite jewelry or many other ideas.

Product range

Product description
Main specifications
BOX Quantity(*)
EAN Code
Product description: EBOX 10x15cm (4x6") 5 assorted colors
Main specifications: 1 prints (cover) and 100 prints capacity approx.
Other: Pink, Baby Blue, Cooking, Flowers, Loving Memories
BOX Quantity(*): 60
EAN Code: 8437010459429