News 02/17/2020 15:06

Print like a PRO!

Mitsubishi Electric is popularising professional photography and making it available to everyone.

Print like a PRO!


In our continuous commitment to developing professional photography with the latest printing technology, at Mitsubishi Electric we have developed the new CP-M15E, a much more accessible printer, without giving up on the traditional quality of our products and their features, in a small compact printer with large printing capacity for optimum results.

The CP-M15E is designed for use in all types of business, for home or professional use and by professional-quality photography lovers in general.

There are no excuses, it is the printer you need to print your photos, for personal or professional use:

- Are you a professional? With the new CP-M15E we will help you to achieve the best photographic printing results, getting the best results while you save. 

- Do you want to print at home with the professional quality? Without doubt, the CP-M15E from Mitsubishi Electric is the printer for you. Easy to use, affordable, with the highest quality printing and as a result, photos that stand the test of time, so you can do it like a professional.

But, why Mitsubishi Electric?

Mitsubishi Electric, a leader in technology, has been developing and manufacturing printers and professional photography printing systems for more than 20 years. This track record, widely known in our market, allows us to offer excellent and very competitive products that meet the highest standards of photographic printing.
And why sublimation printing?

- For its high quality finish.
Printing without edges, with bright colours and accurate reproductions.

- The print-out does not need to dry. 
That's right; the photo is printed for immediate use with the highest quality, including a protective layer that preserves it for a long life.
Sublimation technology never runs out, nor does the ink dry before the paper runs out. 

- With no multi-colour cartridges that can stop incomplete at any time. 
A single ink cartridge that contains paper + consumable (ink on a roll).

- High printing capacity for each consumable load. 

Forget about having to refill liquid consumables that may dry out. And print everything you want!
With up to 750 copies per consumable load (10x15 cm), you have enough to print as many photos as you want for a long time.

- We are specialists in the technology.
Mitsubishi Electric develops and manufactures high technology products to achieve the highest quality printing possible. This allows us to continue to be a leading manufacturer in the sector. We now provide the highest quality to everyone.

Don’t gamble with your photos decomposing, liquids that stain or cartridges that run out.

A professional print that doesn’t have to be expensive.
Print like a PRO! With the new CP-M15E.