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What can photo printing bring to your business?

We assess the different elements to be taken into account when opting for a photo printing service for a shop or store.

Salesperson showing some customers the different printing options in two photo albums.

The popularization of digital photographic equipment and smartphones with high quality cameras has made many people incorporate the taking of all kinds of images into their daily routine. Meetings with friends, family gatherings, children's participation in school parties... We all end up photographing the most special moments of our lives. And why not put these memories on paper? It's a good way to keep them forever, share them with the people we love, or even use them to decorate our house or make gifts. Having a photo printer in your business will allow you to offer this service and consequently increase the number of customer visits, boost cross-selling and generate more income. 

The opportunities of commercial photo printing

Photography is in fashion. Therefore, offering related services is always a good option to get the attention of potential customers. If you have a business or a small commercial enterprise, such as a tobacconist’s or a stationer’s, having a photo printer will become an added value to attract more people to your premises.

People looking to print their photos quickly and cheaply will come to your premises if they know you have a photo printer in your business. Besides representing a new source of income, this will make these users interested in other services of the store. Therefore, this offers more possibilities to increase your customers and generate sales, and thus increase your profits. All this, with a reasonable investment and without the need to have a large space for it.

Which photo printer is best for your business?

Choosing a business photo printer involves taking into account various aspects that can condition its profitability. We highlight the most important ones:

First of all, we must think about the size and quality of the printed photographs. Bear in mind that most customers will want a photo to give to their loved ones or to create photo gifts such as albums and calendars, but they may also require larger prints for more specific uses, such as store posters. In addition, you should always make sure that the resulting image is durable and does not degrade over time. Therefore, it is always better to opt for a professional model, which allows you to meet the needs of the majority of your users. The quality of the photos, which is directly related to the resolution of the photo printer chosen for your company. 

For professional use in shops, it is important to take into account the speed of the photo printer model. Avoid keeping your customers waiting with a fast printer that speeds up the work, which will always have a positive impact on the overall management of any business and on the satisfaction of your customers.

Another important factor is connectivity, as you will most likely encounter customers who want to print directly from their mobile phone or camera. Today, a large number of peripherals have wifi or bluetooth, so you can print wirelessly.

Similarly, you should evaluate the ink and photo paper used by the technology of the printer model you have chosen for your business. This will completely determine the profitability of the prints and the price you will have to charge your customers.

Finally, we cannot finish this list of items to take into account when buying a photo printer for your business without paying attention to its ease of use. The model you choose must be easy to operate for users or for the management of its spare parts, without ever compromising on efficiency or quality.

Business photo printer models

Have you decided to offer photographic prints in your company? If you need to choose a photo printer for your business, we suggest three Mitsubishi Electric models that are specially thought of and designed for this type of service in shops.


This photo printing system allows access to an extensive catalogue of products and formats through the mobile device, without having to download any application. It also includes a compact dye-sublimation system and an optional ID card photo service, among its many printing options. You can create a wide variety of creative photo gifts, such as calendars, bookmarks and albums with this printing solution.

Smart D70iD+

This platform for printing passport and identity card photos allows you to provide a specific service to all those users who need a photo for new documentation or to renew it. 

The system is easy to use thanks to its automatic face detection method and its graphical user interface, which makes all its functions visible on the multi-touch screen. It should be noted that it uses a specific consumable to provide durable prints on high quality paper.


This compact device allows both single and double-sided printing. Therefore, it can also be used for photo books, calendars and similar products, always with a high quality result. 

In addition, it works with different print sizes. Its high speed and one-of-a-kind paper path switching method are also two of its most important features.

The CP-W5000DW  is a very complete option to offer printing services in a business, just like the photographic system PhotoPrintMe is also present in CLICK. The new system allows for quick and agile management of printing equipment.

Which of these photo printer models for your business best fits the services you offer to your customers? Whatever you choose, you will always have all the quality guarantees necessary to obtain perfect images.

Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printing Solutions is a leading company in photo printing solutions, with more than 20 years’ experience developing professional products aimed at instant photo service.

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