News 06/12/2019 08:34

New products are now available with PhotoPrintMe!

PhotoPrintMe is one of our key products, with a wide range of possibilities.

New products are now available with PhotoPrintMe!

Therefore, we are constantly improving it and add new features to it regularly. In the blog of our PhotoPrintMe webpage, we are informing customers about recent product launches and updates.

Our newest additions are the PhotoPrintMe Albums and MiniPrints!

PhotoPrintMe Albums

With the new albums you can get more out of your pictures. You can keep the best moments and memories in a compact piece with several design options. The creating process is really easy, you decide how many and which pictures are used for each page and in which layout. Every Album is unique! 


Our newest launched addition to PhotoPrintMe are the MiniPrints. MiniPrints are 4 different mini formats of photos which are ideal to create your own photo collages, keep them on the go in your pocket or give them as a gift to your family and friends. The sizes are: Small (5x7.5cm), Medium (7.5x8.5cm), Large (10x7.5cm) and Classic (7.5x10cm). 

The new products can be easily activated in your online catalogue. You can find more information on the PhotoPrintMe webpage. 

Also we are constantly adding seasonal products throughout the year like Christmas frames, greeting cards for Mother's and Valentine's Day…etc. to our product range! 

With PhotoPrintMe, offer a new photography business in your store!