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New photo calendars 2021 are available now!

Discover the new PhotoPrintMe calendars 2021, the best way to remember the greatest memories.

New photo calendars 2021 are available now!

The new PhotoPrintMe Calendars 2021 are available now.

To make the products shown in your online catalogue you have to make them visible and modify the prices. You can select the languages and designs you want to offer. If you select all then the customer will have a long list to choice. There are two designs for the 12 months calendars, a transparent and a flower version, both in 10x15cm  and 15x20cm

Calendar supports 12 pages:

  • Easy Calendar 10x15cm, code 484766
  • Easy Calendar 15x20cm, code 484767

The year calendars have one design for all the formats. For the 15x20cm there is a landscape and portrait version. For the 15x36cm and 15x51cm only in landscape. These larger formats have the possibility to change the background of the calendar. For 15x36cm & 15x51cm format, you need the CP-D90DW-P printer.

The abbreviations in the name of each product, correspond to the following languages:

  • ENG = English
  • CAT = Catalan
  • CRO = Croatian
  • DAN = Danish
  • DEU = German
  • NLD = Dutch
  • SPA  = Spanish
  • FIN = Finnish
  • FRA = French
  • GRE = Greek
  • HUN = Hungarian
  • ITA = Italian
  • NOR = Norwegian
  • POL  = Polish
  • POR = Portuguese
  • ROM = Romanian
  • RUS = Russian
  • SWE = Swedish

To know how to activate products please follow these steps:  click here

Remember you can use a promo print to customise your promotions, adding your own text with the stickers layout. Watch here to know how to do it:

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