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5 keys to choose the best photo printer

Keys to make the best decision when buying a dye-sublimation photo printer. We tell you what to look for.

5 keys to choose the best photo printer

How to choose a good dye-sublimation printer

Buying a printing solution is not an easy decision. Before choosing a specific option, it is essential that you take into account its technical characteristics and, of course, the use you are going to give it, in order to optimize the investment.

If you are thinking of incorporating a photo printing service into your business then a dye-sublimation photo printer will be your best work tool. We explain the reasons for choosing it.

Why choose dye-sublimation printing for photography?

Sublimation is a technique that offers high quality images, in which a wide range of colours are reproduced with a unique gradation of tones. All these elements enable you to be able to offer your customers professional photo printing of unmatched quality, by having the best dye-sublimation printers in your business.

5 keys to choose the best photo printer

Do you need to find a photo printing solution? You should take into account 5 elements to choose the best photo printer, which will help you decide which one is the most suitable for you.

  • 1. Resolution, which determines the quality of the final print. If you want to work with images, it is essential that the number of pixels the system works with is at least about 300 pp to ensure a perfect photograph.

  • 2. Print format is another option to be taken into account when choosing the best dye-sublimation photo printer. Choosing a machine that allows you to meet the home printing requirements of your customers is critical to the success of the service.

  • 3. Size of the machine. Nowadays you can find compact sublimation systems on the market, with a very reduced size and a great number of functionalities. If you have little space, it can be the best photo printer for you.

  • 4. User interface. Choosing a dye-sublimation printer with a simple and intuitive user interface allows you to work easily, with minimal prior training.

  • 5. The quality of printing, with true colours on professional paper. In addition, dye-sublimation technology makes it possible to produce a professional product with long-lasting prints.

Choose your Mitsubishi Electric dye-sublimation photo printer

Mitsubishi Electric offers you a great range of printers for your photo service needs, taking into account aspects such as capacity, resolution or format that have been analysed above.


This photo printer offers a high volume of work, speed and a high quality of the resulting prints. One of its advantages is that its consumables can be replaced very easily. All this, in a compact, very reduced size, which allows it to be placed practically anywhere. It also stands out for its capacity of up to 750 prints (10x15 cm).

Its image processing system and Mitsubishi Electric's patented print head control motor ensure the quality of printed photographs, both in terms of detail and the depth of colour.


Without a doubt, one of the best printers of the brand. Its speed and power (it can reach 430 prints of 10x15 per hour) make it ideal for photo booths and all kinds of events. In addition, it is multi-format and even allows the use of perforated media and postcards. It is therefore very flexible. Like the other models, it has an energy-saving function in sleep mode.

The CP-D90DW-P also stands out due to its small and compact format, which is suitable for all business spaces.


The CP-D80DW offers users different print sizes, up to 15×20, from a single type of consumable. There is no need to swap paper media, reducing your keeping stock of multiple types of media.


This multi-format, multi-cut printer allows you to print on two sides and in 20x30 size, very close to an A4. Although it is a compact model, it stands out due to its great power and speed. In addition, it is the first machine of its kind to feature the paper-feed path switching method, a unique system from Mitsubishi Electric.

An indispensable desktop printing tool that will allow you to provide new added value and cost-effective services to your business, such as photo albums, calendars (wall and desktop), greetings cards and any other product you wish to print on both sides, thanks to its multiple printing formats. 

With all this information, what model of dye-sublimation photo printer best fits the service you offer in your business?

At Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printing Solutions we have over 20 years’ experience in developing professional instant photo solutions. Contact us here and we will provide you with all the information about the different models of high quality dye sublimation printers that we offer in our catalogue.

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