News 11/28/2019 10:56

A new version of CLICK software is available

The new Click version v4.2.1 includes many improvements.

A new version of CLICK software is available

What includes now?

• Clone tool, long time requested.
     o For general photo editing purposes, included also in Photo ID.
• Services images can be exported to the root of the selected folder.
• Improved export of images and other general improvements.
Photo ID Service:
 A brand new version of Photo ID service is available! Now adding:
• Face detection / auto framing.
• Email sending.
• Export (High Res), with configurable resolution.
• Multiple type of configurable sources of pictures.
• Automatic Brightness&Contrast, Saturation, RGB balance, Levels (histogram).
• Manual edit tools: B&W, Sepia, Red eyes, Brightness&Contrast, Automatic Levels, RGB, Clone.
• New background subtraction edition tool.
• Carousel: Improved images preview in order to navigate through the current pictures.
• New Added settings.
• Updated compositions files.
• Simplified apply and transfer picture steps.

….And also Click includes now some new hardware improvements such as:
• NEW Mouse+keyboard Wireless, now included.
o No-RRP increase!!!

About PhotoPrintMe in CLICK:

Remember that PhotoPrintMe in CLICK allows you:

To enjoy new products recently added such as Miniprints and Calendars.

The new CLICK version is available from brand new stock units.

But you can also update your already existing stock of New CLICK.

Just please follow this instructions
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you face any technical issue on this update.

Enjoy the new CLICK version v4.2.1!

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